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"I had been gaining weight for the last 4-5 years and nothing had worked for me including diet, gym, exercise, etc. I opted for bariatric surgery and was able to reduce 25 kgs in just 3 months. Now I feel much better about myself and my diet is also regulated and I am thankful to Dr Anirudh for guiding me on the right path."*


"I have been having problems with my weight since after marraige and it was constantly increasing. I have lost 18 kgs after undergoing this surgery and now I am back to my pre-marital weight and I feel very happy and excited about this."*


"I have a sedentary lifestyle and my eating habits were very poor. After bariatric surgery, I have lost more than 30 kgs without any effort which is a miracle for me. I have got this second chance at life, thanks to Dr Anirudh, and I will make the most of it. I would advise anyone suffering from severe obesity to undergo this procedure."*


"I got operated for morbid obesity by Dr Anirudh and did not face any problem during or after my surgery. The overall experience was very comfortable and I am glad that I made this choice. I would debutant recommend him for all my friends and relatives suffering from similar condition."*

Rakhi Gupta

"I did bariatric surgery around 2 months back and have lost 14 kgs of weight. I used to have lot of problems before including headache, joint pains, poor self-esteem, etc. I used to get tired easily but now I feel more energetic and active. My lifestyle has improved and I like to go out more and be with my friends and family. I didn’t face any problems during or after my surgery and although I eat less now, I am able to take everything what I like and still am losing weight. I would definitely recommend bariatric surgery for all morbidly obese people as the most effective way to lose weight."*

Bhawana Chaddha

"I have lost 13 kgs in 6 weeks after undergoing weight loss surgery by Dr Anirudh Vij. I had poor eating habits before and used to over eat a lot. I had tried weight losing weight through diet control, exercise and yoga but got no results and felt frustrated. I felt so heavy that my ankles would snap while walking. I didn't feel like going out or socialising with anyone. Now, my whole attitude has changed. I feel so light that I can run without any problems. I enjoy going out with family and friends and have a increased self confidence and improved body image. Also, I am eating properly and choose to eat healthy foods which I didn't eat before. I feel happy that I took the right decision in getting this surgery done in time."*

Apoorva Banerjee

"I have come all the way from Nigeria to get operated by Dr Anirudh Vij as I am aware of his skill and competence. My experience here was excellent and I did not face any problem during or after my surgery.*"

Mrs N. Ekbe

"After consulting many doctors all over Delhi, I chose to have my surgery done by Dr Anirudh as I found him to be very honest and trustworthy. I am extremely satisfied to have my bariatric surgery done by him. I had a very good experience and all my needs were taken care of by his team."*

Ashita Sharma

"I was extremely obese and had a big pendulous abdomen. Dr Anirudh Vij did bariatric surgery with abdominoplasty and I lost 12 kgs in the first two weeks after surgery. Now my abdomen looks much better and I am able to lead a normal life."*

Shelly Sharma

"I had got copper T inserted 2 years back at a government hospital but there was some complication and it got displaced inside my abdomen. Dr Anirudh Vij did a laparoscopic surgery and removed it. Since then, I have no problems and feel fine."

Birendri Devi

"I had a big hernia after previous surgery which was treated laparoscopically by Dr Anirudh Vij.I had a big hernia after previous surgery which was treated laparoscopically by Dr Anirudh Vij.Thank You So much Sir."


*Disclaimer: Weight loss after bariatric surgery varies from person to person and is generally 60-90% of excess body weight after 12 months of surgery