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5 Important Steps for Maintaining Weight Loss Post Bariatric Surgery

Maintaining weight loss after obesity treatment (bariatric) surgery requires commitment towards transformative lifestyle changes. Doctor's advice will include special attention towards dietary adjustments and exercise. After their guidance, consider surgery as a starting point for a healthy life, focusing on eating properly and staying active

Change in your eating habits

Eating will be an entirely different experience after your surgery. You physically won’t be able to consume as much food, but this restriction will not contribute to weight loss if you still eat high-calorie foods. Eating will be a completely different experience after surgery. You will not be able to consume too much food, but this restriction will not contribute to weight loss alone if you are still eating high calorie foods.

Focus on eating a high-protein, low-fat diet 

Emphasize on fish, dairy products, meat, beans and other legumes. It is likely that you will have to move towards protein-focused diet after surgery, starting with the leaner options first.

Drink plenty of water

Plenty of water intake or keeping yourself hydrated is associated with countless health benefits, especially after surgery to treat obesity.

Committed exercise program

Your doctor is the right support to advise you on the specific exercise types that will be safer and more effective for you. The important thing is to keep your body active.

Join and participate in a post-surgery support group 

People who join these groups and keep themselves actively involved remain well advised, motivated and involved in the weight loss process and maintain it. It is important to keep in mind the frequency of meetings, cost and type of meeting.

Remember that returning to old habits are inevitable, but you should not have let them to become big setbacks. If you feel like you're sliding into old eating habits, you should not hesitate to ask for help. By building a strong support system, improving your relationship with food, and creating new healthy habits, bariatric surgery can be a valuable tool in promoting long-term success for weight loss