Allurion Swallow balloon

This is the latest of the weight loss procedures which can be done without surgery, endoscopy or anaesthesia

It is a very soft and pliable silicone- polyurethane balloon which is packed compactly into a capsule which the patient can swallow along with some water. The capsule is connected tho a very fine catheter through which a stillette can be passed to help in insertion of the capsule balloon. Once the capsule reaches the stomach, it’s position is confirmed with the help of an X ray of the abdomen. Next , the balloon is inflated with 550 ml of an isotonic fluid instilled through the catheter connected to the capsule balloon. The position of the inflated balloon can be confirmed by either an X ray or an ultrasound of the abdomen

The procedure is carried out in the out patient department of the hospital and doesn’t require either Endoscopy or anaesthesia . The procedure itself just takes 10-15 minutes to perform and the patient can be kept under observation for a few hours in the hospital before being discharged.

The balloon occupies the fundus and part of the body of the stomach and serves as a restriction to the intake of food. The patients are placed on a diet plan in which they are initially started on a liquid diet which gradually progresses to semi solid and soft diet and then finally a normal diet is resumed after a period of 4-6 weeks after the procedure.

Because of the restriction in the intake of food, there is caloric deficit which is created which leads to gradual weight loss. The balloon has an inbuilt timed valve which opens after a period of 16 weeks (4 months) after insertion which leads to leakage of fluid from the balloon and it’s expulsion from the body through the digestive system

The balloon results in 15-20 % of excess weight loss in the period of 4 months along with remission of obesity related comorbidities.